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  1. Hallo All,

    I've been asking myself this question for few months now: take or leave it?
    I graduated June 08, had long summer, in october passed NCLEX and on Dec 8 started to work at HHC in NYC where I live.
    I am working at behavioral unit, acute care, 3pm - 11:30pm, 5 days, commute to work about an hour. Around where I live there is at least 5 hospitals, none of them hiring.
    I like psych nursing and would like to continue with it but the facility where I work just isn't the right place, lots of violence, none of the therapeutic approach, ativan IM, restrains - that is the way "curing" happens at my work place. Individual doesn't matter, doesn't count RN on schedule and we are good to work.
    There is no jobs around, maybe I could get a position at home care agency but I never worked as such, don't know what to expect.
    I found myself very depresed since I started working, I have small child and hours are just bad for family, I wouldn't mind it 3 x a week but 5 days it just doesnt work
    If anyone can give me any hope, idea what to do, where to turn to make my working life livable.

    I would appreciate any imput greatly,

    this is the copy of my previous post on psych nursing forum:
    "I am working since december in Psych unit, Jun 2008 graduate.
    what I find problematic is not the patients but often staff, not working together, using a lot of force, not being therapeutic at all, just medicating patients to be free of their annoying behaviors. One must develop very thick skin to work in such environment. I see very little understanding, willingness to help, lack of empathy and patience. Words heard most often are: limit setting, let me offer some medication to help you come down, staff splitting, I see a lot of violence, not enough therapy, lots of politics and no direction/education for staff. what matters is your RN license, you as a human being, nurse, don't matter, everyone is just looking to cover their a#$%^& and do as little as possible as patient call it " hiding in the buble" ( nursing stations are plexiglassed for safety)
    I think it takes special type of a nurse to work in psych and very often people who work at psych units do it only for $ and lack of bodily fluids on the job.
    Am I working in such bad place? Please tell me that not all psych units are like mine."
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  3. by   RedhairedNurse
    My advice......If you don't like your job, start applying for other jobs, but don't quit your current job until you find something else. I'm sorry you feel this way. Take care and good luck.