which would you choose?

  1. hello. i have been a dedicated allnurses reader of the threads since i passed my boards & have been on the job hunt as a new grad. i have found it very inspiring and truthful, and finally have a dilemma i've come across and decided to turn to allnurses for advice

    i graduated this past may 2010, passed boards in july, and have been looking for a job since. i know the market is definitely tough, but after a couple months of aggressive hunting & networking: i have been given 2 job offers (literally back to back). i am so grateful and thankful for these opportunities! but i want to choose the place that will ultimately best for me and will place me in a positive direction while beginning my career.

    Hospital A: trauma 1 hospital, good reputation in a suburban area. very familiar with this facility, and comfortable with the dynamics of this hospital. this hospital will require me to move away from family, but have a very strong support system there. when i interviewed with the unit (primarily medical floor), i felt like the personality of the unit was very supportive & encouraging as a new grad and i would be given as much support as i needed. however dont plan staying here forever, can't imagine myself being here more than few years max.

    Hospital B: as a student, it has always been my dream to work in a city hospital. this hospital is a city hospital, great reputation as a facility - trauma 1 hospital. the floor is predominantly surgical. not familiar with the hospital at all, but when i entered the facilities and saw i was impressed a lot. the unit itself was intimidating, i know itd be a challenge at first, especially because i am unfamiliar with the facility. however, here i can picture myself growing more & although it may not be forever, there is a much higher chance i'd be here for the long haul.

    so which would you choose? the reputation for the hospitals are good. both trauma 1, both have orientation programs that i think is of adequate time to adjust. i wonder as a new grad student if i should go for what i know i will be confident and most comfortable in, or go for my dreams & challenge myself. any input would be appreciated!
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  3. by   Fermin Hernandez
    Whatever one hires

    No seriously,

    Which one is closer to your family?
  4. by   notthereyet0
    Congrats on getting 2 offers!!!!!!!
  5. by   AARNBSN
    both would require me to move away (but im single) .. the city would be closer to my family & friends than the other location
  6. by   Hay, RN
    personally, as a new nurse and new to the profession ... i would choose the job that is closer to home. if things do get tough you will have your family near by. i understand you mentioned you will still have strong support... sometimes it is not the best idea to change so much in so little time. good luck and i hope you make the decision that is best for you!
  7. by   Gracian
    B. Living away from family doesn't mean you'll lose contact with them.
    Ignoring the above, you sound more excited about the 2nd option. But also a little scared. Is that why you haven't chosen it yet?
  8. by   AARNBSN
    yea, after much consideration i decided on choosing option 2. my outlook on this is the best way to grow is to be confident in myself, challenge myself, & accept that in order to grow i need to experience things outside of my comfort level. hope this is the best decision =)

    goodluck everyone with the job hunt! i feel like things are slowly opening up for us new grads. !
  9. by   Butterfliesnroses
    I was going to suggest option 2 since you seem more excited about it...but it looks like you already chose! Congrats!