Where do I start my job search?

  1. Ok so I've looked around at a couple hospitals in the area, but I keep seeing people talking about going through nursing recruiters. Which method usually gets the better deal? I really want to start in ICU and I know the hospitals around here take new grads... but I don't know how to go about applying for an ICU spot.

    I've talked to the clinical supervisor at the hospital I've done clinicals at... but I'm not sure how to approach the other hospitals. Just go through HR, get a recruiter, or what? ... and how would I find a recruiter?


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  3. by   oMerMero
    Most hospitals allow you to apply directly from their website. I would recommend doing it that way. Check out open job postings at the hospitals you are thinking about working at. In terms of a recruiter, I have never actually known anyone to use one unless they are moving out of the area and want help with finding hospitals.
  4. by   cardiac.cure03
    I would recommend just applying on their website also, if they have one. Or just the old fashioned paper application... Either way, apply to the hospital for a position in ICU. That's how I got my position. If there's a specific floor you're already interested, then call the nurse manager on that unit and let her know you've applied and are interested. Or is there a nursing education dept? Call them if there's an ICU internship or something to that effect to find out more how to get involved.

    Just be pro-active!
    Good luck to ya
  5. by   peds4now
    I would apply through a website if there is a specific job opening for the new grad residency, but otherwise I would CALL HR and just ask to speak to the person who hires for the new grad program.

    I personally think it is a lot of times better to call first. They may then tell you to apply online and give you the job number so you don't have to hunt around. Even though it can be stressful, making the actual human connection gets you there faster!
  6. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Call HR and ask for a recruiter. Explain that you are graduating and ask when they begin to accept new grad apps..on the app you can put the areas you are most interested. You will probably interview with the HR person first and they will forward your app to your areas of interest, then if the NM is interested he/she will call you for an interview specific to that floor.
    I would get going because they only take so many new grads in specialty areas and you don't wanna get beat to the punch
  7. by   hlfpnt
    I agree talking to a nurse recruiter first is the best thing to do. I found it a good idea to get some info first so you can weigh your options. They can give you lots of info like pay rates, benefits, areas open to new grads, what kind of new grad training is available, when the grad programs start & they can help with questions about how to apply on line. I also agree with the above OP...now is the time to be looking & applying. I started calling recruiters & applying at the beginning of my last semester, had a job waiting on me & went to work 2 weeks after pinning. Good luck to you! :wink2:
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  8. by   rac_box
    Please tell me a good nurse recruiter in NY. Thanks
  9. by   hlfpnt
    Most hospitals have their own, they are regular facility empoyees...just call HR & ask to speak to their nurse recruiter.