What to expect on new job???

  1. I just graduated in May and passed the boards last week. I have never worked in the medical field before and I am really nervous about getting started. I don't have a job yet, but have had some recent interviews. I am just wondering what to expect when I get out there. I know I will make a good nurse, but I guess I am just lacking the confidence to get started. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Katnip
    I've accepted a job starting in Aug. Providing I pass the boards. This is what they're offering: 6 months of orientation (IMCU) where I am not "on the schedule" That means no nights, no weekends.

    The time will be spent honing phlebotomy skills, getting ACLS and PALS, learning hospital protocols and following preceptors around and getting a patient or two of my own.

    The second 6 months I will have a regular preceptor and be on the schedule and have a full patient load-up to three patients.

    After that, there's a year of "mentorship" with a more experienced nurse who is there to help trouble-shoot, answer questions about strengths and weaknesses.

    I applied to another hospital nearby and they only offered 3 months orientation for the ED and then I would be on my own with upt to 7 patients. No thanks.
  4. by   zacarias

    That sounds like an AWESOME residency/internship program. Is this at Johns Hopkins? Anyway, I'm in the Seattle area and I'm currently applying for jobs now. I want to make sure I have a quality residency program that will make me feel sufficiently prepared to begin my career.
  5. by   DRose
    I know what you mean about being nervous. I took the NCLEX on June 18 & I just got my results this past Wednesday. I PASSED!!!!! Anyway, I had interviewed for a job back in March for a L&D position. So, I start Friday. But, they expect to "hit the floor running". So I too would like to know what to expect, but also, what are they gonna expect out of me - a brand new nurse - with only a tiny bit of OB experience. (BTW - I am really excited about this job!!)
  6. by   zacarias
    Congrats DRose on passing NCLEX and starting your new job!! Let us know how OB goes.
  7. by   missionnurse
    hey, y'all!

    I started on PCCU in my hospital two weeks ago. I am also not on the schedule officially. However, I do not have a specific preceptor. I just follow one RN who is there. There are two or three RNs who are willing to have me tagging along, so I just stick with them.

    My nurse manager told me that she likes new grads to have about 6 weeks of precepting, and then she will sit down with that nurse and ask how they are doing. She then talks to the RNs who have done the precepting.

    Then together with the the new nurse, she decides whether more precepting is needed or they are ready to fly alone.

    I like this situation because it makes me truly evaluate myself each time I work.

    I think that wherever we all go, whatever each hospital offers, we must be willing and able to evaluate ourselves and speak up about how much guidance we each need.

    I know that I am more than willing to ask for help when needed, but also ready to try anything-- anything safe, that is.

    Good luck to all!

  8. by   ns3838
    Thanks for all the input!! Sounds like you will get the orientation you need and if you need more you just have to speak up. Of course there will be places that will have better than others, but you just have to tell them you need more time, or that's what I will do if I don't feel comfortable.
  9. by   CJStudent
    Yes, it just depends on where you go and what field you are going into. I started a new job last monday at a Pediatric office (I found out I passed my boards the same week.) I followed a nurse for about 2 days. Now I am working on my own, asking questions as needed. There is a lot to learn. I only know that I have confidence in myself and a good staff to help me as I go. However, a doctor's office is often not as fast paced as a hospital floor.

    Basically, have confidence in your self and ask questions as needed. Your confidence will build! Good luck!