What states have "graduate nurse"?

  1. Just wondering what states let nurses work that have not passed the boards yet? I know some around Massachusetts like CT, RI and NJ. I was curious about Florida?? Thanks!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    In Texas we have GN's, but once a person fails the NCLEX, their GN license is invalid.

    Some states may use a title other than GN. For instance, I know one state (Illinois maybe?) uses RN-IP (interim permit).
  4. by   crashinKaren

    I grew up in MA as well, and am so glad I made the move to FL!

    Here's some info from the FAQ on the state's website..

    Q: Can I work as a Graduate Nurse (GN) or a Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN) while I am waiting for approval?
    A: To to work as a Graduate Nurse (GS) or Graduate Practical Nurse (GPN), you must apply for the examination within 6 months of graduation from an approved nursing program. You may not work in graduate status until you have received both an eligibility letter from the Board of Nursing AND an Authorization to Test from Pearson, the testing group. If you are retaking the examination because you failed to pass on a previous attempt, you may not work as a GN or GPN.