What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

  1. HI, I took the NCLEX yesterday and think I failed. The computer stopped at 105 or 106 questions and I felt it was pretty hard. I came home and looked up some of the "easy" questions I remembered and got them wrong. Just wondering cause everyone seems to pass with 75 or 265 questions.

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  3. by   SaraRNin2003
    I passed with 75 questions, but a friend of mine passed with 85. I am sure it was just a case where you needed to answer a few more questions in order to meet minimum competency. Good luck and let us know how you did!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. by   dsczephyr
    Teresa, I don't know of anyone who walked out after taking that test and thought they passed it. I know a great many people who were certain they failed it, but in fact they passed it. You don't know yet, so try to get out of the house and do something fun and relaxing. It's hard to not dwell on it, but you'll feel better if you do something you know will distract you. We all are rooting for you to get the pass!! Good luck Denise
  5. by   nadia562002
    I passed the test last week with 88 questions. I was actually quite confident that I passed but I may be an exception. My best friend took NCLEX on monday with 200 questions. We are still waiting on her results. Hopefully, we will be celebrating her success by the end of the day.
  6. by   kimmicoobug
    I passed with 75 and I personally felt that I only got four or five that I was sure that I got right. I was so sure I failed after taking the test.
  7. by   Randall
    Here are the # of questions I know that my friends have passed with within the last two weeks---265, 264,185, 101, 81,75, and one of my best friends did not complete the test within the 5 hour time frame but still passed. I don't think you can really base pass or fail on the number of questions or how you feel you did on the test. I would have bet that I failed and in fact had convinced some of my family that did. I was wrong and passed!!! So keep the faith and forget about the questions for now. You will be celebrating soon!!!
  8. by   fourbirds4me
    I passed with 75. I have friend who passed with 108.
  9. by   dee02
    I took my nclex last week and got 265 questions. I'm still waiting to find out if I passed and I'm sooo scared. My sister got 115 questions when she took the nclex and passed.
  10. by   dee02
    I got my results today and passed!
  11. by   orca1
    I took it today and it shut off at 75 I hope I passed
  12. by   kiddoRN
    Congratulations Dee02 RN

    Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing
  13. by   shortsheryl
    I took 265 questions and it took me 3 hrs. I felt pretty bad about
    it, but found out that I passed!
  14. by   shelleybelle
    Congrats to everyone!!!
    I take mine Wed. at 9am