what job did you first work after graduation? - page 2

I'd be interested in hearing what both LPNs and RNs started out in. Sorry if this question has been asked before.... Read More

  1. by   reinvent
    thanks for all the replies. now as a pre-nursing student, i really would like to work in a psych unit, L&D or OR (i'm already a surgical tech). i was just interested in what everyone else chose after going through all the different clinic rotations.
  2. by   missrebecca
    [FONT="Georgia"] I'm a LPN, and I started a year ago in home health.
  3. by   mzjennx
    I graduated with my BSN in December 2008. Passed my NCLEX in March 2009. My first job afterwards was in April2009 as a Program Assistant taking care of infants and preschoolers. Then got a job as a in May 2009 as ward clerk. Finally landed my RN job at Kaiser med-surg/oncology in June 2009. I start orientation next week =D I am planning to do med-surg for a year then go into L&D or Peds.