What is the best stethoscope

  1. I am a new RN in the ICU and I need a new stethoscope. I was just wondering which kind of stethoscope someone would recommend for me and my needs. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   KatieBell
    Personally, I am very fond of my Littman Select II. It is of course not very expensive, but for my needs, it works well. I would recommend any of the littmans- I've also used a Tycos which I liked quite a bit until I lost it.

    Best way to find out what works for you would be to borrow the stethoscopes of the nurses in your Unit and find out which one allows you to hear sounds better. There are many out there, so try to do a test drive of whats available.
  4. by   loriannlpn
    I love my Littman II, I can hear better with it than any other stethoscopes I have had in the past. They are not that expensive, Good Luck on your quest!