What happens if you don't make your 90 days on your first job?

  1. I just started working as a new grad. I know that many of us are oeverwhelmed in the beginning and things get better as the weeks of our preceptorship go by. I was just wondering if, for some reason, what happens by the end of your preceptorship you don't meet your facility's standards and they let you go? Is it then hard to get another job? Does it make you look incompetent to other employers?
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  3. by   classicdame
    You really ought to have an idea before 90 days are up how you are doing. If your preceptor and/or manager does not do a performance evaluation before then I would ask them for feedback. As for other jobs - well, it depends on why you left the previous employer - regardless of how long you have been a nurse or how long you were there. I believe you are just stressed at this point. Focus on your work and ask for help as needed. Good luck.