what are you doing to study??

  1. i passed the nclex-rn with 75q.
    i studied helen feuer home study program, ncsbn learning ext, and kaplan complete >-- out of these, kaplan by far is the best. i did everything that comes with the course and it is the closest to the actual boards.
    feuer, i listened to the cd's in the car, and ncsbn i never finished (i didn't like that all the quizes are in tutor mode).
    i recommend kaplan complete. i used all their strategies thru the entire test, it really works!
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  3. by   mimidragon

    would you mind sharing feuer review course with me? or I can buy it from you. I dont know if should go live or buy the CD from feuer.
    email me at pandaorchid@hotmail.com with information.
  4. by   johnsavv
    Right now Im studying to re-take the nclex's in jan. I failed this past Nov with 265 I think alot of my problem was nerves. I am re-approaching it more aggressively this time. I am listening to Kaplan's audio review dvd, I am watching the Med's Publishing dvd's (18 of them... they are very good) and I also jsut got Kaplan's test trainer that I read alot of people are doing on here... with the test q1-7. I am also doing the saunders questions and also subscribed to the nscbn website.... I am definetly listening to all of the kaplan audio and watching all of the meds dvd's... the ncsbn and saunders i am just dabbling with and trying to do as much as I can... am trying to average answering 100questions daily... I am hoping I have better luck this time around....