Washington Hospital - Residency Program of Fremont, CA - page 3

Today, I was selected for a "large interview" with 5-6 individuals for the Washington Hospital residency program. I've never experienced a group interview, which concerns me. Does anyone have tips or... Read More

  1. by   sherlockfem
    I am also in the bay area and a recent BSN graduate. I didn't have any clinical rotations at Washington either.
  2. by   newcalnurse
    Quote from RNTao
    My status says application reviewed... Has anyone got a call yet?
    My application also states that is was reviewed. I am hoping something comes out of it. I am worried though becasue after reviewing it wouldn't they then send it to the manager?
  3. by   RNTao
    Thanks for the update and good luck to you. I think once they review it, if they don't fwd it, then that's it. I have BS in another field and went back to school and got my ADN, but I don't think they will consider me.