UVM-Master's Entry Program

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to apply to UVM's Master's Entry Program for people who have a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing. Does anyone know what term the program begins? I was guessing it begins in the summer but I am not sure if it may be the fall. I have been to the website and looked all over but I must be missing where it lists the term the program begins in. Thanks.
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  3. by   freyalisa
    The program starts in June of this year. Good luck.
  4. by   VTgirl82
    ohh...that is earlier than I thought! They must be making it earlier and earlier each year. I was recently told by someone that it started july 15th last year. I recently applied to the MEPN program so hopefully we find out sooner rather than later so that we can make arrangements to go back to school.
    Are you in the program already or possibly a fellow applicant?
  5. by   freyalisa
    Just a fellow applicant. Not feeling too optimistic at this point - there is some STIFF competition out there.. even though i know I would be awesome and successful, my stuff on "paper" doesn't prove it. *sigh* GOOD LUCk to you tho
  6. by   VTgirl82
    did you apply to any other schools or just to UVM? I only applied to UVM.....I just really want to stay in VT if possible. I was hoping that as a fairly new program that it woudn't be too competitive, but now i hear from another thread that they only take 16 people and over 100 have applied! We should find out possibly by mid-feb is the word!
  7. by   freyalisa
    I applied to 6 schools. I knew UVM took a VERY small class, and I didn't want to limit myself to just that one school. I want to stay in Vermont too.... i have two rejections so far (UCSF - not a big surprise) and University of Southern Maine. The Maine rejection has made me feel not very confident that i'm going to get in anywhere.... but after some thinking - i'm okay with that. It will actually be cheaper for me to get a second BS in Nursing and do the masters through UVM, then to do an MEPN out of state. We'll see.....
  8. by   VTgirl82
    that's great that you applied to 6 different schools. I'm sure something will come through for you! If you decide to get a BSN instead, would you do that at UVM? I've thought about the option myself, but i'm not sure how exactly that would work. Would a person with a previous bachelors degree need to fulfill all of the remaining credits that a typical undergrad nursing major would do in 4 years? If that's the case, it would probably take me forever because they require remote classes like environmental studies for nursing majors and a lot of unnecessary stuff that MEPN cuts out. I really hope I get in, so i don't have to consider that option. Just a few more weeks until we find out! I have been reading a few other threads and hearing about others waiting like us and some having been accepted already....its making me excited and nervous. I just want to find out!

    Good luck. I hope you get in!
  9. by   freyalisa
    Thanks! Like I said i'm not feeling too confident. But we'll see. I would do the BSN at UVM. I went to UVM as an undergrad the first time and was a pre-med major, so I have pretty much every non-nursing specific course... that means I would hopefully be able to finish the BSN in two years, and then do the MS in another two. So it would be one year longer, but hopefully less stressful - and cheaper - since I would have time to work in the meantime. GOOD LUCK to you too! If not, maybe i'll catch you next fall as an undergrad