Using pumps

  1. Generally, are there rules stating which drugs should be hung to gravity and which ones are on pumps? I feel like, when in doubt, use a pump - but is there an easy way to remember?
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  3. by   healer27
    Hi, I think the when in doubt use a pump thing is a good idea (always err on the side of caution) BUT I also know at the hospital I'm at now there under the IV policy there is a list of drugs that ABSOLUTLY must be hung with a pump. So I'd say if you want to know for sure check out the IV policy at your facility.
  4. by   CarVsTree
    You need to look at YOUR hospital's policy. At my hospital, we cannot hang anything to gravity, except fluids wide open in an emergency.

    I work on a Trauma Step-down/Trauma Med-Surg floor. The ED is allowed and does hang fluids to gravity and often sends pt's up to gravity. We must, however change them to the pump right away.