took nclex

  1. took nclex today..took 75 questions when i left out i bursted into tears ...i just had this i dont know how it went feeling..i was crying because with 75 questions (i wanted more) either i did really well or did really bad..and i guess i cant let myself think that i did really still praying that i did pass...and trying to stay positive. i wasnt excepting the test to be what it was it seem easier than what the classes and books were saying it would be....i dont know.... its over now
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  3. by   Spookshowbaby
    [font=Book Antiqua]Don't be so hard on yourself. It's over now & that's the good thing. Try to relax and think good thoughts. If it was easier than you thought, then you probably did great. I take mine today, too & I am trying to stay sane until then. You actually thought it was easier than what you heard?? Did I understand that correct?? Keep us informed....
  4. by   teelaticeNY
    Rnita I took the LPN test today and I feel the same way you do. I stopped at the min 85 and at first I wanted the min then I thought oh no give me more I don't know if I am doing well. I had a lot of theraputic comm questions , 4 meds only 1 I felt confident about and disease that we won't touch on until my last semester this fall (kidney, neuro, and mental health) but it still didn't seem that hard. And that is what really scares me. Either I did very bad or I did o.k. I came home to go over some things I could remember and some I got right others iffy and others dead wrong. I am so nervous. Well both try to relax though right???? Find out in two days. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


    "Can't wait til its over Dec 04 RN 2 be"
  5. by   happystudent
    Im sure you passed! Im sending you POSITIVE THOUGHTS as well......
  6. by   Oregon Nurse
    positive thoughts for you!!!! will say a prayer!!! relax.....keep us posted!
  7. by   leraern
    Be Confident In Yourself!! I'm Sure You Did Fine. Keep Us Posted. I'll Be Praying For You..............
  8. by   DR2004RN
    sending you both positive vibes!