Time management

  1. I know that time management takes time to develop and I'm better now than I was on orientation, but do any of you have any tips?
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  3. by   ozned
    I'm not certain I'm qualified to give advice on this since I'm quite new myself. However, from working with different preceptors I've found getting all your documentation out of the way as early as possible seems to be key for me. I find all heck breaks loose about 1-2 hrs prior to shift change and if you have that paperwork hanging over your head it's no good. If something changes from when you documented you can write an addendum or new note. I can tell I get out at least 1 hr earlier since I changed to this practice. Also clustering care seems to save some time and energy.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I am an LVN on a subacute unit, and my workplace only gives nurses a 3-day orientation before they are cut loose to work on their own. Not surprisingly, the employee turnover rate is rather atrocious at the facility where I work.

    Anyway, here is how I manage my time for the day. I work 16 hour shifts, from 6am to 10pm. At the beginning of the shift, I'll go through the MARs and TARs with a fine tooth comb and, as I go, I will jot down the things that must be done in my notebook. My notebook is a main aspect of how I manage the rest of the day, and I usually won't forget to do anything. Here is how one of last month's notebook pages looked (names have been changed due to HIPAA):

    DIABETICS, FINGERSTICKS: Agnes (BID), Agatha (AC & HS), Bill (AC & HS), Wendy (AC & HS), Rex (BID), Jack (BID), Esther (AC & HS), Margie (0600, 1200, 1800, 2400)
    NEBULIZERS: Margie, Esther, Bill, Jack, Jane
    WOUND TREATMENTS: Jane, Bill, John, Jack, Lillian, Rose, Lucille
    IV THERAPY: Wendy (Vancomycin), Laura (Flagyl), Rex (ProcAlamine)
    COUMADINS: Agnes, Agatha, John, Lucille
    INJECTIONS: Agnes (lovenox), Jane (arixtra), Rex (heparin), Bill (70/30 insulin), Esther (lantus), Mary (vitamin B12 shot)
    ANTIBIOTICS: Wendy (wound), Laura (C-diff), Rex (pneumonia), Agatha (MRSA)
    1200, 1300, 1400 meds: Margie, June, Rose, John, Jane, Jack
    1600, 1700, 1800 meds: Rose, John, Rex, Lucille, Lillian, Laura
    REMINDERS: assessments due on Agatha, Jill, and Louise; restock the cart; fill all holes in the MAR; follow up on Jane's recent fall, fax all labs to Dr. Smith before I leave, order a CBC on Rex...
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