The Stress......NCLEX!

  1. I finished the NCLEX exam on Monday and the stress of waiting by the computer checking for results is KILLING ME!

    The test was nothing like I have ever taken before. A ton of delegation and nursing priority questions. I had none of the "new" types of question I had prepared for, so I hope everything is okay.

    The test stopped at 175 questions. The nurses in the ED where I work said that was a good sign and that I did well and not to let the wait get to you. Last night at work I was checking the web site like every 45-60 minutes for the entire shift. Each time I walked away, they asked if I knew any results.

    Friends of mine who where there with me, either had 75 questions or 275 questions. So I think I am okay. I feel great now that the exam is over and now I am just waiting. Now the nurses in the ED are giving me more respect and responsibilities at work and not just using me as a clinical associate to push BP and temperatures.

    Thanks for letting me vent my stress and happiness that I finished. I will write back with my results.

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  3. by   shell911rn
    [QUOTE=awwyea]I finished the NCLEX exam on Monday and the stress of waiting by the computer checking for results is KILLING ME!]

    Congratulations, Gary, on making it through the NCLEX exam! Chances are you passed. I hope you find out soon as well. Keep yourself busy and pamper yourself a little bit the next couple of days. You deserve it after all the hard work you're doing. I'm still waiting for my results here in CA and it takes forever here.

    Michelle B.
  4. by   Ari RN
    Good Luck you two....... This is the hard part.......
  5. by   happystudent
    Hey good luck...let us know how ya did!
  6. by   awwyea
    passed the exam.

    awesome feeling once you read the results and it's confirmed.

    thank's all for the kind words.

    -gary, rn
  7. by   teelaticeNY

    Took NCLEX today won't get results until Friday so nervous.


    "Can't wait til its over Dec 04 RN 2 be"
  8. by   DR2004RN

    You are right. IT IS an awesome feeling! It is a feeling like no other! I found out I passed on the 30th of June and still everytime I sign a chart I can't believe it! I just think WOW! Well, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! WEAR THOSE INITIALS PROUDLY! YOU WORKED HARD FOR THEM! GOOD LUCK AS YOU BEGIN YOUR NEW CAREER AS AN RN!!