Texas Children's Nurse Residency Spring 2018

  1. Hello everyone! I figured I would start a post for those of us graduating this December and applying for Spring 2018 at TCH Houston. Since the application closed on Oct. 16, the anticipation has been killing me! If anyone receives an update, let me know!
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  3. by   arojas18
    Hey! I also applied for TCH residency for next spring. I submitted my application a few days before the deadline but haven't heard back yet either. Lets keep everyone updated. I was looking at the thread for the summer applicants and they seemed to get information about a week after the deadline..
  4. by   macang44
    Good luck to all of you!!! It is a wonderful hospital, several friends are there for their kids onc treatment.
  5. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Hey! I applied too and also haven't heard anything yet. Thanks for starting this thread! Let's keep each other updated on when we hear something from them! The email I got back when I applied just said that they received my documents and would follow up in a couple weeks! It's been about a week and a half now, so here's to hoping we hear something soon!
  6. by   brookeashley1533
    That's what the email I received said too! But yes, let's keep each other updated and hopefully we will start hearing soon! Best of luck to everyone
  7. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Just got my rejection email this afternoon I'm bummed but glad they at least let me know and didn't keep me waiting. Good luck to everyone who gets moved forward in the hiring process! Wishing you all the best!
  8. by   Astros221
    I don't understand rejections without even a possible interview first.
  9. by   arojas18
    I got my rejection today as well. I knew it was a competitive program but at least getting the opportunity to interview would have been nice. I thought I would be a good candidate all things considered but I guess not...
  10. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Yeah I agree, I don't understand the rejection without any follow up questions or an interview or anything.
  11. by   TexasRN98
    I got a rejection email today as well, and I really thought I would AT LEAST get an interview. I've got experience plus a good GPA.
    What gives with just rejecting someone without speaking to them first?

    Oh well...........
  12. by   .missnurselady.
    SAME! rejection email today!!
  13. by   aspiringnurse5924
    Does anyone who got rejection emails know about any other places to apply? It seems there aren't many other nurse residency positions in Houston who haven't already closed their application
  14. by   hishandmaiden
    I ended up missing the TCH deadline, but I believe HCA is still accepting applications for their STARN program.