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  1. I am having some what of a dilemma. I am graduating soon and have been doing the normal job search since earlier this year. However, I have had some offers recently for jobs in the area I live now, but I do not know if I should take any of them. My real goal is to apply to this nurse residency program but they only have two cohorts a year like in jun and jan. And since when I am graduating and time constraints I cannot do the jun cohort. My goal would be to be part of the jan because they will take you as long as you do not have six months experience at the time you are applying for the program (august-sept). Would it would be rude to take a job around here knowing that I could possibly be leaving the job if I was accepted at another place. I just hate to know the fact that they would have to spend time orienting me and all of that and then I leave because of another opportunity. However, I hate to just sit around for a few months possibly doing nothing, especially if getting accepted did not work out. Any opinions about this situation would be very helpful...
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I personally think it would be better to skip taking an offer if you know that you will be taking that position in January. The time does not have to be nonproductive. You can take and pass your boards, take other training classes such as ACLS or other seminars, study on your own, just relax and get caught up on personal stuff before you start work. You could be harming your future job prospects by leaving a new employer in a couple of months. Better to leave all options free and clear. Good luck with program you will be entering.
  4. by   NurseAnnie123
    New graduate nurse positions are pretty sparse right now. I wouldn't turn down an opportunity just because something else might turn up in a few months... That something else may never happen, and you will be left with nothing. You are fortunate to have an offer now.