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  1. Hello, everyone

    I graduate in May this year and got my RN license this August. I live in a very small town away from interstates highway, and I can not move since family reason.
    Two weeks ago, I got a job interview in a nursing home of this town. They asked for my ID/RN license card copy and told me they will hire me after finishing my background check. Last week, I called back and asked about my background check. They told me it is not done yet and should be done in a few days. Today, I am still waiting for their call because I really want to work in the same town I live so I can take care my family. however, I really cannot keep waiting. I am forgetting my skills.
    I started applying jobs in other town which at least I need to drive 50min in one way. and I got an interview offer today. I want the job in the same town, but is it real to wait for a background check (I never have any bad record) for 2 weeks and still waiting? Or it is just an excuse they don't want to hire me? I may take the 50min drive job if I still don't get any call from nursing home of my living town. but I really want to working in the same town like I said I can take care of my family. Does anyone have the similar situation before. please help!!!!
    still waiting ...

    Thank you!
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  3. by   sunmaidliz
    Don't worry about losing your nursing skills. They come RIGHT back. My last job, I had to start and IV and set up the pump and I hadn't done that in over a year and had graduated 2.5 years ago. When it comes to skills, trust your instincts and know that the knowledge, education, and skills are there. You know the basics and that will get you through. As for what job to take, take the one that has you working the soonest, if you can't hold out for the job you want. If you can, wait until you know exactly whats going on. Companies need to know that if they jerk potential employees around and make them wait, they won't be around for long. The thing is with this hiring environment, they can afford to make you wait, since jobs are few and far between. Also know that an interview doesn't mean a job, no matter how good the interview goes. I had two job interviews where they both said they would hire me and I never heard from them again. Above all, don't worry about losing your skills. They will always be there and as a nurse, you are always open to learning more skills and learning to do the ones you do know better.
  4. by   HouTx
    Sometimes, background checks can take quite a while. Large organizations frequently use 3rd party companies to do this for them but this can be very pricey. If they are doing their own checks, it is quite a bit slower because they are waiting for call-backs and/or information from a variety of sources. If your references are slow to respond or difficult to contact, this is another delay.

    Before you accept the more distant job, I suggest that you contact the first hiring manager and just explain your circumstances - s/he may be able to speed up the process or at least give you an update.

    Best of luck to you!
  5. by   mrnewman
    I was waiting at home every day and so upset that even suspect my ability to be a nurse, I complained myself did something wrong to make companies/hospital don't want to hire me as a nurse and started losing my passion as a new nurse. Sunmaidliz and HouTx, thank you very much, your simple words and kindly response really gave me some confidence and hope. thanks again for your help !!!!