Summer 2018 Nurse Residency at Emory Healthcare

  1. The Summer 2018 Nurse residency is now open for all to apply!! Please let me know your questions and concerns so that i can answer them!
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  3. by   cm117
    When is the start date? My expected graduation date is May 12, 2018. Will we have a choice of the unit we work on?
  4. by   TishaS
    Start date is in July, depending on the Hospital you work for. You will be able to choose your interview, and you can choose 2 interviews, at the unit/hospital of your choice. It is first come, first served, so I would suggest trying to schedule your interviews as soon as I send out the invite.
  5. by   kbasak1
    I'm thinking about applying to Emory, but I am not sure if I want to drive all the way to Atlanta for work (I'm from Gwinnett). I might apply once I get my practicum placement though. I would like to know what your interview process like? Also, I'm interested in the ED, do they hire new grads? Thanks!
  6. by   TishaS
    Hi! Yes 4 of our facilities hire new nurses into the ED, with Emory University Hospital on Clifton hiring the most. Although, coming from Gwinnett, you might be interested in Emory John's Creek and Emory St Joseph's, both hire new nurses into the ED's. Although, the competition is tough for John's Creek. My suggestion would be, since the shifts are 7p - 730a, try test driving a few times a week to see what the commute would be like, then you would know if you would want to do that on a daily basis
  7. by   epicapica
    I submitted my application this monday. How soon you will send an invite? Are you sending it to everyone who applied?
  8. by   ahelmly
    Good Evening, could you post the link to apply? I have not been able to find it anywhere on Emory's site. Thank you.
  9. by   jdhjohnson
    Hello, do you hire new grads for the ICU?
  10. by   epicapica
    View All Jobs/Careers - Emory Healthcare RN Nurse Residency Program Summer 218 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

    If you cannot open the link, just type "new grad nurse residency program summer 2018 emory." You should be able to find the page.
  11. by   rebeccalauren12
    Hi there! Super excited about the opportunity. Just recently applied, is there a ballpark time for interview requests to be sent out? Thank you for opening this forum for candidates to ask questions!
  12. by   almostnurse2018
    Hi! I just applied as well for the summer 2018 program. Are you hiring at any of the ambulatory centers? If so, which ones? Also, any information regarding the application timeline would be appreciated!
  13. by   epicapica
    Hello everyone! Have you heard anything from Emory yet?
  14. by   jdhjohnson
    Nothing yet