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    What is a realistic expectation for starting salaries in Maryland? Right now I take home $800 bi-weekly in my current job (not nursing related though)

    Thanks much.
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  3. by   Daytonite - pay is a salary survey site where you input information about yourself in a series of pages such as your state, school, degree, business (healthcare), type of facility, number of beds. you will then be asked what kind of report you want (click on the free report). you will get a graph of salaries reported by people at your same level. i did a search for maryland based on information i made up for an aa graduate nurse with -0- years of experience and came up with a large percentage of people reporting $50,000 a year. however, you should try doing the survey yourself with your own information.

    i think you can find other sites that do this by doing an internet search for "salary information" or "salary survey". it is also possible that your state government or some organization within your state has survey information on nursing salaries. understand that as a new graduate you are not going to make as much as someone who has 10 years of experience. the first year or two out of nursing school are still considered learning years, so the wage is not as high. i think that as a new grad rn you'll do better than an $800 take home check every two weeks.
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    I just started in Oct O5. I am pediatric Nurse and gross 55,000 my first year. Hope that helps. Im going to nights permanent in Feb and I will gross 63,000
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    What is the starting salary fresh out of CCBC?