So, how are the new jobs going??

  1. How was your first day? Are you feeling comfortable? How was orientation? Are there any certification you are required to obtain? I will begin orientation on July 21st on the IMC floor of a small, rural hospital. I'm excited & nervous! My orientation will be 3 months long. I believe it will be both classroom setting & on the floor. During that time I will also receive IV cert. & ACLS. There is supposed to be 7 new grads starting oon the same day. Hopefully I won't be the only one feeling lost! I was just wondering how everyone else is doing.
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  3. by   palesarah
    My job is going GREAT! I started orientation with 10 other GNs on June 16th (I was the first to pass the boards!). I'm on an LDRP floor with one of the other GNs. The hospital's "nurse intern" program is 12 weeks, but on the Birth Center our orientation is closer to a year, in three phases- mother/baby, L&D, then Level 2 Nursery.
    We had a week and a half of hospital orientation classes then have spent the last 3 weeks on the floor. Tomorrow we are getting together again for the first of a series of weekly classes that will last through the end of orientation. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone else's experiences!

    I'm in a very pro-nursing hospital where the experienced nurses don't eat their young, so I'm having a GREAT experience. I LOVE going in to work, I learn or observe something new every shift. EVeryone on the floor is very supportive, always willing to take me along to see something or try something, and there is no pressure to learn things by a certain date or at a certain speed. We are encouraged to go at our own pace. I just can't say enough good things about my job- I love it!
  4. by   nrselisa
    Sarah, that sounds great! I start Monday. I will have a full week in the classroom setting with the other new nurses. After that I will work my preceptors schedule for 3 months. Then I will be set free, if I am ready. I still pretty nervous. I think I'll get my hair done today so I can have a new look before I start. Saturday hubby & I are going to six flags with out the kids. I know it's horrible to sneak off & leave them like that, but I wanted a day to away!
  5. by   orca1
    I have been working in an ER for about a month now as a new grad. One of my fellow classmates has joined me and we are having a great time. Orientation is 8 weeks olng and we just started once weekely classes specifically for the ER.
    I have really enjoyed my co workers and the help and support they have given me. I never thought I would be putting so many 18 gauge IV's in people; talk about scary.

  6. by   kimmicoobug
    I was hired onto an OB unit. My orientation consisted of 2 weeks of classroom time, 2 weeks on an ortho-neuro unit, and 2 weeks on med-surg before I get to go into OB. I just started my two weeks into med-surg and so far, I absolutely hate it. My preceptor on this unit is nice enough, but it just seems so unorganized. Our full patient loads are 4-6. 4-5 is the average. I have been taking 4 on ortho-neuro and this has been just fine for me. My first day in med-surg, I take 4 and I am just not able to keep up because I have NO idea where anything is or really how they run the unit. There were about 3 nurses who had to roll their eyes at me at something I did wrong. One in a very tight-lipped way told me not to answer the phone if I couldn't do it correctly. In the two weeks since I have been on the floor I have not ever said to myself that I don't want to go back. After last night, I felt ready to quit. Well, 7 more days of the nasty attitudes, then I go to OB