Sharp New Grad Residency Spring 2019

  1. Just figured I'd start the thread!

    Applied to MICU/SICU & Med Surg/PCU for my second choice.
    Unsure why I applied as I am unlikely to be licensed by Feb 7th but - Wishful thinking I guess! Graduation date is 12/15/18.

    Best of luck to everyone!
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  3. by   NG2018NG
    I also applied for this cohort. First choice was MS/PCU (chula vista) and second choice was L&D (mary birch). Good luck to all! Hope we hear something soon!
  4. by   Jmeee
    I am in the same boat. I graduate in December as well and doubt I will have my license by Februrary.
    I applied for MICU/SICU and the ED.
  5. by   greenandgold
    I applied to ED and MS/PCU. Good luck, everyone!
  6. by   AnxiousFutureRN
    Anyone else surprised by the lack of choices this time around? Typically at least 3 locations open up spots - This time only 3 slots ALL in Chula and 1 slot for Mary Birch... I was somewhat disappointed. But hear the next one opening up in Janurary should have a lot more to choose from.

    Best of luck to everyone indeed <3
  7. by   RN858
    Anyone else get the email to self-identify? Is that just standard?
  8. by   Kyraqa
    I heard it's because memorial and grossmont have been losing new grads after the new grad program so they have a hold on hiring new grads and working on retention.
  9. by   NG2018NG
    Quote from RN858
    Anyone else get the email to self-identify? Is that just standard?
    I did not get a self identify email. What did you apply for?
  10. by   RN858
    Labor and Delivery.
  11. by   jordynpaige16
    I got the email to self-identify too!
  12. by   M.A.P
    Did anyone who applied for ED first choice get the email to self-identify? Or just labor and delivery so far?
  13. by   Jmeee
    I did not either. has your application status been updated?
  14. by   AnxiousFutureRN
    I got the email today - my first choice was M/SICU