Sending out applications after 10 months. Never thought I'd be doing this...

  1. So my story isn't really typical. I LOVE my job in pediatric intensive care and I don't want to leave. I work with a great group of people and I've settled in nicely. The problem is the job is called "flexible scheduling" which basically means that I'm on call 5 days per week, but I am only guaranteed three shifts every two weeks. Work has been slow lately so my hours have been significantly cut. We have a few more staff joining in the next month or so (two are full time who are returning from maternity leave, and one is a new hire in the same flexible position that I work) and I know that will create less opportunity for me to work.

    We have a baby on the way, and I really need guaranteed hours. I've talked to numerous people at work about getting a full time position, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. So I applied just yesterday for a position as an ICU float nurse. I never expected to be leaving this job so soon. I feel like I'm right back where I was as a new graduate- waiting for the recruiters to notice my applications.

    Anyway, I just needed a little support from all of you who understand. Best of luck to everyone who is job hunting.
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  3. by   Gold_SJ
    It sounds really harsh in the economy your side of the world. I really hope you find another job with stable hours that you can be just as happy in, as your current place of employment. Just keep applying! And try not to worry too much you're doing all you can so there's no point stressing much more on it. That job will be out there, just have to wait for it to come into fruition (the hardest part) I always hating waiting myself when it came to work opportunities.

    Take care k and sending lots of good thoughts!
  4. by   lapoRtaN
    From your previous post I see you work within the SBHCS. You should try another facility. In system transfers have to much easier than when you were first starting out Plus you have a very valid reason for wanting more stability. Good luck. Thinks will work out and Congrats on the baby!! Yay
  5. by   ShantheRN
    I'm 9 months in and I'm looking also....I feel like I'm too specialized (I love my patients....the staff dynamics? not so much sometimes) and I want other opportunities. The mindless application process and endless waiting, ugh. It's rough. Good luck with your search, and the baby!