Scripps New Grad Residency Jan/March 2018 - page 2

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  1. by   onebeatrn262
    Wow your status changed right away? Mine still said application received. I wonder if I ever passed the computer screening for apps.

    I applied on Sep 18th and I am a new Grad RN BSN as well. Has anyone called HR and asked what the timeline may look like? Please update any information that you have; it would be highly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. by   Ed91
    Mine still says submission received. We will probably start seeing changes soon now that the weekend is over. I figured they wouldn't be changing anything over the weekend. But congrats!!!!!!!
  3. by   joaner83
    Quote from junepearl
    My status just changed to "Hiring Manager Review"
    That's awesome! Do you mind me asking if you have a BSN?
  4. by   NurseNat17
    mine still says "Submission Received" as well! I'm hoping we find out soon. It's been so discouraging lately getting denied from hospitals Nursing school did not prep me for this awkward post grad time! Anyone else feel the same lol
  5. by   junepearl
    I have my ADN but I'm currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program.
  6. by   junepearl
    I finished my application around 9:30am on the first day. Nothing is set in stone though cuz I didn't get any email or anything. But it's still pretty early though. It hasn't been a week yet. :P Lets keep our fingers crossed!
  7. by   Sewells09
    Hi everyone! I graduated my MSN-accelerated program in August. I submitted right when it opened because I heard the rumors too!
    "submission received" still.
    I also had to take a personality test.
    I'll keep everyone posted!
  8. by   onebeatrn262
    Hey guys, I've just called them today and the nurse recruiter new grad department said that they're going to let applicants know whether they are going to have interview/ declined by Oct 6th. My application is still saying submitted not under hiring or anything like that.
    Please let me know if any of yours changed!
  9. by   Ed91
    Thank you! My friend that works currently and is starting the new grad program told me that she received an email that applications are open until the 30th. I'm assuming that's for internal because the external application already closed. That might be why we haven't seen many changes on the application.
  10. by   onebeatrn262
    Oh I see. Thank you for your information! How do you guys usually do after online application to follow up?
  11. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    My status changed to hiring manager review yesterday!
  12. by   Edanz29
    Quote from onebeatrn262
    Oh I see. Thank you for your information! How do you guys usually do after online application to follow up?
    You have to log in and go to your jobs and you'll see your previous applications. Check the status of your application.
    Mine hasn't changed yet
  13. by   Ed91
    My status changed to "under review" tonight. Not sure what that means....