RN New Grad Residency Completion Rate

  1. I am interviewing a few RN New Grad Residency Programs now. I have heard not everyone can complete/succeed the RN New Grad Residency Program. So, I am wondering if there is there specific completion rate? or which programs are more difficult then others? What are important things to keep in mind in order to succeed?

    Thanks for any info.
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  3. by   llg
    Each program's completion rate would be different. It is something you could discuss during the interview if that is something you want to know. In such a discussion, I would not just ask about the rate ... but I would also ask why people did not complete the program so that I would be better able to judge my chances of succeeding.
  4. by   babeinboots
    During my interview for my new grad program, the nurse educator said there are certain milestones that you are expected to meet at different times throughout the program. There are also "homework" assignments. If you do not meet the milestones or complete the assignments then you could be dismissed from the program. This was for L&D. But I've known of new grads in ICU and ER new grad programs who were either let go during orientation due to lack of performance or they were switched to another unit.