Question about vitamine B12 IM injection

  1. Hi,
    Im newly graduated.
    I assigned to give my uncle a course of vit B12 inj.

    but he express pain at time of inj, is it from vit B12
    it self or my little experience ?
    and how can I master this problem?

    My wishes replies = views
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  3. by   sandieO
    Vitimim B12 is known to be a very painful injection

    you need to take your time when administering it slowly slowly

  4. by   angle85
    thank you Mr SandieO for reply
  5. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I give myself IM injections of B-12 every month, up to 2cc's. I use a 1" 23g needle and the injection is in the thigh.

    I don't necessarily agree that it's a painful injection. The only pain I feel is when the needle pokes the skin. The actual fluid isn't particularly thick or viscous, so I'm not sure why it hurts.

    Also, I don't inject slowly, either.

  6. by   epiphany
    I do sub-q on myself instead of IM, so it hurts less. and very small needle. I think B12 is generally given IM, but the instructions on the package recommended either one.