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So I think it is safe to say that the honeymoon is offically OVER and I have stepped into REALITY :uhoh21: ........... I have quickly realized that nursing school is pretty far from the truth when... Read More

  1. by   sissiesmama
    Hey! Just wanted to say congrats on the new peceptor!! Sounds like that's just what you need. and sounds like the manager knew it all along. Who knows, I know it sounds farfetched, but the manager may have been testing you. I know I may sound a little paranoid, but you never know. And, if she was testing you, sounds like you passed wih flying colors. You are mature enough and smart enough to (1) recognize that something wasn' right with the instructions your preceptor gave you concerning narc in your license!
    With the narcotic in your pocket and the k+ pills, and you had the maturity to come to her to get assistance without causing difficulty between your preceptor or any other staff. That alone shows you have the makings of a great nurse!!

    Just please always remember in the future about the narcotic issue. And if someone else tells you to do something like that and it's not policy, state boards will have a field day with your license! Anne, RNC