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  1. i have a lil more than 2 wks left to study (july 2). im taking the kaplan classroom course and recently started doing practice questions. before my kaplan class started, i was getting a lil obsessive-compulsive,using 4 nclex books to review (i.e. reading a disease about 3-4 times.) i found out that this study plan wasnt taking me very far, moreover somewhat taking time away from practicing questions on cd-roms-which seem to be of utmost importance. i need more reassurance tho. i'm losing it. i feel like i'm not studying as much as i should be. i would also like to know how i can make the best out of my kaplan review. should i purchase the kaplan question bank(1000 questions for $69), since it is a general opinion that the kaplan questions resemble nclex style questions??
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  3. by   iliket3
    I just spoke with 2 of my fellow students who just went thru the Kaplan course - they said it was EXCELLENT. When we talked - it seemed Kaplan emphasizes the areas where I had alot of trouble and none of my review books covered. I truly believe I wasted my time studying as much with the review books and that in the end my review was not as effective as it should have been. From what I was told, Kaplan emphasizes prioritizing, bioterrism, diasaster drills, mgmt issues. I mean I know they cover everything but my reveiw books didn't even browse the above subjects. I have Lippincott and Saunders. I had 265 questions and passed but I was terrified and upset all weekend because I was POSITIVE that I had failed. Anyway, bottom line - if you took Kaplan - you'll do fine. Check out the other threads that I've posted recently - I think I gave a good breakdown of my questions. Good luck
  4. by   RNIAM
    I honestly never used kaplan but I can tell you I did use everything else. Just try to relax and go for it! You have learned a great deal already. Remember that 85% of US educated nursing students pass the first time. Good luck!
  5. by   BSNgrad2004
    thanks for the reassurance. i am also using NCLEX review 3000 -cd rom. Was this cd of help to anyone?