Pleas HELP! Any tips on ATI tests/N-CLEX tests. I'm not good at them.

  1. I'm do very well in all of my classes, but seem to consistently slip up on the ATI tests. I know the material and then get got between two questions on the ATI tests. I overanalyze everything and I find it difficult to take the test on the computer (vs. paper and pencil where I can cross out and circle words and write in the test.)

    I'm really nervous about taking these tests every semester which is a part of my grade. If I can't pass these, I probably won't pass the N-CLEX. Please help with tips!
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  3. by   builder
    did your school give you practice exams that you can take online over and over?? ours did and it helped me alot...also i bought a study guide for the nclex that came with a CD that had multiple practice tests on it as well...i really think it helped
  4. by   carol72
    For ATI the ATI DVDs are good.