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Problem is, I know that time will never come. I am currently a pre-nursing student, and will hopefully start an acclerated BSN program in June. I would graduate the next August, after 4 intense... Read More

  1. by   raekaylvn
    I'm only 23, not married, not pregnant or even looking to get pregnant. But, I know that if something were to happen right now, making it throuh school would be tough, but doable for me. Its all about how you handle tough life situations. Pregnancy in itself is a wonderful, life changing thing. But throw on a BSN program on top of that and its going to get stressful. Honestly, everyone else is right. There is no perfect time. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Just make sure you think everything through... schedule conflicts, morning sickness ect., and talk to your instructors if you do get pregnant. Good luck with the program reguardless of what happens!
  2. by   RNKay31
    Wow, there is no perfect time, you are ready when the sperm and egg are ready to unite, LOL, I too feel like I want to have 2 more addition to my family, wish me the best as I do the same for you too.
  3. by   Cadnac22
    LOL.... wow so much to think about. I think my brain is spinning. My DH and I would like to start trying my last month or so of nursing school and I would just stay at home until after the baby is born and I am ready to start my career. I would go ahead and take the NCLEX so that everything would be ready for when I decide to go back to work. Ideally I would like to stay home with the baby 12-16 weeks before starting my career so that I have that bonding time. What do all of you ladies think about this plan?? Fortunately DH and I do have anough money saved and DH makes enough money that I will be able to stay at home or work a little while pregnant if I choose to do so. Input??? I worry about starting a career and being limited to my time at home with my baby. I am really tossed on this decision and any thoughts would be helpful. I am afraid I am going to be pretty sick my pregnancy with all th stomach issues I already have as well as dysautonomia, MVP, and idiopathic hypersomnia/narcolepsy... doesnt sound like a good combo right? that is why I have thought about just finishing school, getting pregnant and delaying starting my career and just staying home while I am pregnant. Enjoy life a little maybe .... thanks for reading this!!