One step at a time

  1. HI,,
    I graduated my associate program in May and will sit for boards on the 11th. I went back to work at the hopsital i worked as a LPN at and will stay on my med/surg floor for now.
    I went to LPN school after a factory closure, worked as a LPN for 8 years and have spent the last 4 years working part-time towards my RN. I will most likely continue with the ADN to BSN program by next fall i hope. It has been a tough go though, 3 kids that have grown up watching mom do homework, juggle a part-time job and school along with the house and everything else that goes with it. Now my oldest will start college this fall and two tween girls that will be a challenge im sure(girls usually are).
    I hope we can all use this board as a sounding board to help us make whatever transitions/adjustments to our new positions we need.
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  3. by   rickostrat
    I know exactly what you are going through. I started nursing school at 44. I have a wife and 2 girls, full time day job and an
    extremely busy guitarist on weekends.........but I did it!
    Just recieved my RN license. "What a long strange trip it's been"
  4. by   bungies
    CONGRATULATIONS to you both!