On my way to becoming a CNA

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    I'm doing a program at my highschool, Health Science Tech II, where we will be taking trips to nursing homes and completing rotations there. Since the first day of school, August 27th we've been preparing for this. And now tomorrow i'll start my rotations.

    I've wanted to be a nurse since middle school and now I am currently a junior. I take my CNA test sometime in May. I am kind of nervous at the moment.
    We've already gone by twice. The First time was when we had to watch a video and the second was meeting the residents and getting ourselves aquainted.

    I've learned and perfected almost all the skills a CNA should know. The thing is though, I am nervous when working with real patients. What if, when I am doing a transfer, I end up dropping them? I am very small. 5'1" and about 103 lbs.
    Or what if I don't bathe them right?
    I don't want my faults or nervousness to affect the care i can give them.

    Any tips on anything? How to keep my cool and how to not be so nervous?
    Anyone want to share with me their first time nursing stories. And were they good or bad?

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  3. by   steelcityrn
    You will develope your confidence with experience working with patients. Once you become good at baths, transfers ect, you will want to learn more and more. Keep your dream to become a nurse, and you will do it.
  4. by   2blackcats
    I have been a CNA now for 7 years...and honestly...the first month is pretty nerve racking...HOWEVER...I have found that most likely you will not drop them, I haven't dropped anyone ever! If you bathe them wrong...most will let you know! LOL! I have over the years found the best way to develop a good repoir with patients is to get to know them, and know what they like. Certain patients like to sleep in...others like to bathe in the evening after dinner...others like to do certain amounts themselves...it all varies, but the advantage to working in a nursing home is you will get to know them. I work on a MED/SURG floor at a hospital and you don't get to know patients that well. Some are gone in 1 day...others are there for 10 days..(some longer but not usually). Be honest with them, ask them what they need, like or want, and they won't be afraid to ask you, and will appreciate you asking.

    You'll do fine, and Way to Go! You'll do fine!
  5. by   pattyweb
    I worked as a CNA for 7 yrs, took the CNA class my jr year of High school. I never 'dropped' a resident, never bathed them wrong (that I know of!)-- most have their own preferences and WILL tell you, and you can always ask them. I got to know my residents very very well, and looking back, would not trade the experience for anything. I am now an RN on a busy med-surg/oncology floor and occasionally take care of some of my old residents, which is always nice! (last night I had a pt who I toook care of for 4-5 yrs at the NH, and knew how to turn him easier, how to help him relax...)

    And the CNA test inIL wasn't bad at all, not sure how other states are!