New RN Cleveland, Ohio and STILL job hunting :( Help!

  1. Hello!! I am new to and I not used to posting on any type of forum or blog but I thought I would give it a shot! I have been on allnurses for the past 3 hrs just reading threads and trying to find some sort of common ground or answers to the many questions I have. Hopefully there are some wonderful people out there that can chime in and give me some advice/encouragement or anything that may help, because I am sure that there are many of you that are in my same position or know/known someone in my position before. Here's my story..... I graduated from an accelerated BSN program August 2010, and received my license in November 2010. Since then I have been doing the good ol' job hunt thing and it is now April 2011. I am becoming extremely discouraged!!! I have applied for so many positions that I have lost count and I have only been on one interview (which was a huge recruiting event so there were probably 100's of interviews that weekend) and did not land a position. I have only applied at hospitals, beginning to look into LTC facilities. I currently live in Cleveland Ohio and have been thinking about relocating but not even sure where to begin! Other than just filling applications out online and talking to a nurse recruiter for particular hospitals, are there other routes of action I could take? I am not even sure what else to do other than keep applying and waiting? This is all very new to me still and would love to get some advice! I have been reading some forums about RN Residency programs. I am not too familiar with them. Do they take you if you already have graduated and have your license? How would one find out about these programs? ahh I know so many questions, I could go on forever! If anyone is willing to help and give some advice it would be greatly appreciated! I have been beating myself up over getting an RN position since I have had my license! Thanks!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   babynurse8907
    Hi, I think I can help you out! I just graduated with my BSN in Cleveland in January and was very lucky to find a job at UH on the mother/infant unit where I did my preceptorship which I will be starting in about a week. I found this job under the "RN--Less than 1 yr experience" category on the UH job website. Many of my classmates were hired at UH by applying for jobs in this category. Right now, there isn't anything posted, but if you check every day jobs will eventually appear for new grads! Once you see a job posted, you should apply immediately because the new grad jobs tend to only stay posted for a few days before they are removed from the website.

    Also, I know that Cleveland Clinic is hiring new grads for a job titled RN-Pediatrics-Children's Rehab, Shaker Campus. The job is still posted on the website right now, so you should apply! I know they are interested in new grads because I got an interview for this position but turned it down because I accepted the job at UH.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else and good luck on your job search. I know it's hard, but it's definitely possible to get a hospital job in Cleveland as a new grad, so don't give up hope!
  4. by   afaus85
    Thank you for your reply! I actually did apply for the Shaker job but I haven't heard anything! I have also been applying at UH for all their new grad positions and haven't heard anything either. I've been in contact with a recruiter from UH as well, and the most recent position I applied for was in Labor and Delivery and I really really want to work in that area, or women's health in general, and especially at UH. I have heard so many wonderful things about UH and the way they treat their nurses! Congrats! I had an opportunity to do my practicum at UH in Labor and Delivery and I turned it down for stupid reasons and now I'm kicking myself for it! I really don't know what else I need to do other than just keep applying. Any other ideas?

    I really do appreciate your reply! I have been going crazy and had to get other opinions on my situation. So thank you
  5. by   birdie22
    hi babynurse, congrats on the job!! i just had my interview at UH - i think it went well and they are currently doing a background check so my fingers are crossed. have you heard anything about salary/wages? how long after the background check did they contact you about the offer? do you know about the process of orientation? i'm getting anxious!!

    afaus, i applied to several positions at UH and CC. my advice (that i was given and seemed to help) was that you should look at the key words listed in the specific job positions and try and match them with your resume (i.e. if it says "mother/baby unit" put that instead of "postpartum unit" if you have that clinical experience). so read the job description carefully and adjust your resume accordingly. and dont be discouraged that nothing has happened yet. i graduated last spring, and just had my first interview. it just takes one application to make the difference. good luck!!!
  6. by   babynurse8907
    Birdie22--It's great that they are doing a background check! Once they initiate the background/reference check, that typically means that the manager told HR that she is interested in hiring you. Everyone that I know who got hired (no matter the hospital) said that they didn't start the background check unless they were planning to hire you, so this is a very good sign!! What floor did you apply to?

    Once they initiate the background check, I think they say it takes about 5 business days to complete it. They need to contact all of your references during this time too, so it took a lot longer than 5 days for me just because they had a really difficult time reaching my references. As long as your references are reachable though, you should get a call from HR within the next week or so.

    I am starting orientation next week. The first day is just general corporate orientation where they go over benefits and things like that. Then for two weeks, I have been told that I will take classes such as a CPR class, a breastfeeding class, and a EMR computer charting class. After the two week period of classes, I will start an orientation with a preceptor which will last three months.

    Anyway, I hope that everything goes well for you and that you receive an offer!!
  7. by   birdie22
    thanks for all the info! it's really helpful to know the time table of how things work. i applied for a position in the new cancer hospital that they are opening. i know that there are a couple openings due to shifting of staff from the old units where the onc. patients used to be, so i kind of left the interview on the note of "i'm willing to work anywhere" (especially considering i'm an "old" new grad). hopefully i will be following in your footsteps soon. good luck with orientation and let me know how is goes!!
  8. by   birdie22
    I just thought of one more question, (and please don't feel any pressure to answer specifics to you personally) but do you know anything about the pay scale? ballpark of the starting rate for new grads? i'm curious and unfamiliar with the Cleveland job market. thanks again for all your insight!
  9. by   babynurse8907
    I would say the payscale for Cleveland in general is around $25-27/hr for new grads, which is pretty good, especially considering the cost of living here is pretty low! I hope this helps.
  10. by   birdie22
    wow! I was not expecting it to be that high. that is welcoming news. thanks!
  11. by   babynurse8907
    Hey Birdie22--I got your private message but unfortunately I haven't posted enough to be able to reply to it! If you send me another PM with your email/other contact info I can respond that way. I just don't want either of us to have to post our contact info on a thread! Congrats on getting the job!! :-)
  12. by   vivicaq
    try looking at hospitals in south east Michigan, plenty of jobs
  13. by   Dee_RN
    I took my NCLEX in Oct, but after 2 weeks of getting turned down by the hospitals online. I printed out some resumes googled LTAC facilities in Cleveland, Ohio and dressed in interview clothing prepared to have an on-the-spot interview. I had some major success with that. Though LTAC was not for me, it helped me get my foot in the door. Now bc I have experience I have had much more success applying for jobs that I would have normally got turned down for.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  14. by   afaus85
    Thank you to all those who responded to my post and thank you for sharing your stories and giving helpful ideas!!!