New orientee-What should I focus on??!!

  1. Hello,

    I am a new graduate nurse and I am going through orientation on a medical ward. I am feeling overwhelmed in adjusting to my new responsibilities as a full fledged nurse. I was wondering if anyone had any advice and tips on essential pieces of information to gain about a unit during orientation. For example learning where crash cart is, anaphylaxis kit, how to call doctors, etc. Also any tips on adjusting to becoming a graduate nurse on a medical floor would be awesome. Thanks!
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  3. by   Imafloat
    Talk to your unit educator. I am a new nurse also and I was given a large folder of information to go over with my preceptor. I had to turn in a safety test filled out with the location of the crash carts, location of fire pull boxes, fire extinguishers etc. Do you have a preceptor? Talk to them, they should be able to help you.

    I am overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a nurse, it is a big deal, we no longer have the student title to cover us. I am still overwhelmed with being a nurse, but it goes away a little bit every day I work.

    Good luck!