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Ok, so here it is...AGAIN!!! (I say again because so many of us have posted a message about feeling inadequate and not getting what we think we should from our 1st positions. So, here's another. ... Read More

  1. by   RN-Diane
    I am also a new nurse. At the facility I am at, I have been the relief charge nurse too times. Each of these times, I have had major staffing problems. There were nurses on the schedule who did not show or who had been taken off the schedule without staffing being notified. I have had to reassign and rearrange patient assignments 20 minutes after shift change. These same days there have been nurses who have more experience (by several years), but refuse to charge. They also make about twice as much as I do. I have been working 4 twelve hour shifts a week, so I am cutting back to 3 for a change. I could vent all day, but shouldn't. We will get by and by better nurses for it. I try to be very supportive of the new orientees.:spin: