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hi im a new nurse ive been off orientation for about a month.... things have been good a few mistakes here and there but nothing major since ive been on my actually starting to get the... Read More

  1. by   NurseNicoleRN
    hey well if it couldnt get any worse it did i got pharyngititis and laryngitis from someone and now i can barely talk thank god for typing :O) but if im not better by thursday we will have to rescgedule my surgery!!! on top of it i was suppossed to work tonight and tom. and i was actually looking forward to it last week i worked 3 in a row and the girls and i had such a fun time we were soo goofy but we got our work done surgeon said he'd rather me not work and just rest at home in bed , drinlk fluids yada yada ya u know the schpeel. i feel like such a loser calling my manager and telling her i need my last 2 days off and there is still a posobility that they will reschedule the surgery!!! which means more time off!!! way i needed to vent thank you allnurses id go crazy with out you