New Nurse!!

  1. Hey all! I just got word that I passed my LVN state boards today, and Ive always wanted to join this site, but told myself not until passing my boards! Anyway, Just wanted to say hi to my FELLOW NURSES!!
    Ive learned alot from seasoned nurses on here, and other threads, and I cant wait to see where this career takes me! I eventually plan on going on to RN, its just not the right time in my life to continue school!
    So I just wanted to say hey to you all! Hope you all have had a good weekend!
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  3. by   rnccf2007
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! and welcome. Nursing will take you anywhere you want to go.
  4. by   juzme
    Hi BRANDNEWLVN, fellow nurse:-)

    Congratulations and welcome to the world of nursing, as my instructor use to say!, hang on for a bumpy ride!Nursing in all of its good and bad, has made me a better, stronger person(mentally and emotionally)! Just be prepared for all that nursing will have to offer you...some days you will be on top of the world, other days you will want to leave the profession...but I can't imagine any other career that I would love more than nursing! Good luck on a long and wonderful career!
  5. by   TriathlonRN
    Congrats and welcome!!
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  7. by   carol34
    Congrats girl....I wish I was in your shoes.......
  8. by   gentlegiver
    :grad: Wishing you the best that this wonderful career can offer.
  9. by   Ruby , LPN
    Welcome and Congrats!!! Im a LPN who graduated in August 2010!!