New grad with no job? Let our voices be heard!

  1. When I was a student, I was a member of the NSNA. I am a new grad (May 2011) and so just received this email from them. It's a survey asking about jobs for new grad RN's. They encourage all to participate. I just filled it out-please let your voices be heard on how tough it actually is to get a new RN position! They will send you a follow-up survey in 6 months. They asked all the right questions and we have our opinions! Haha! Here's the link. Please pass it on to any and all of your fellow classmates! I just got home from work and haven't looked here so I apologize if this survey was already posted!

    A copy of the email I received:

    Dear New Graduate:

    The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) is conducting the 4th Annual New Graduate Survey. NSNA is concerned about the job market for new graduates as well as the work experiences of new RNs. *

    Please help NSNA to make the voice of new graduates heard. *Your experiences in finding employment and/or working in your first RN position will provide valuable data for policy and program development. *Your participation is kept confidential and only aggregate data will be reported.

    A report of the findings of this survey will be posted on

    Here is a link to the survey:

    Thank you for your participation!

    Diane J. Mancino, EdD, RN, CAE, FAAN
    NSNA Executive Director

    Nothing may change now but someone somewhere is getting the hint and asking questions! Either way, it felt good to get it out to them! Have a Blessed day!
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  3. by   PolaskyRN
    I would be interested in taking the survey, although the link you provided doesn't take me there. It says "thanks for completing the survery" and I'm not sure if I have to be a member of NSNA to take the survey?
  4. by   JRP1120, RN
    One of the staff here at AN is trying to get the survey link so all new grads can participate. I apologize for the broken link; should have fwd'd the email here first before I took the survey but didn't know it would be so fitting for new grads until I took it It is linked to each person's email address and once a person has taken it, cannot retake it, so as to not skew results. This I also did not realize before I took it-makes perfect sense now. I hope AN staff get a response from the woman at NSNA with a good link so that any new grad that wishes to participate can do so.