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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site so forgive me if i'm posting this in the wrong place or if it has been asked before.

    I graduated nursing school in December, and passed the NCLEX this past January. I'm super excited to get my nursing career rolling! I recently had my first interview with a Pediatric Home Health company that I feel went very well. I know right now new grad jobs are hard to come by, and I'm grateful that I have at least got an interview especially since I have no nursing experience. So here is my question. My dream has always been to work in a hospital. I'm not completely against starting out in pediatric home health especially since it's not visits but rather shifts. However, I know that I don't want to stay in home health forever. I was wondering if any other new grads have started in home health and been successful at eventually landing a hospital job. I'm also looking for any advice on whether or not I should accept a job offer if i get one from this ped home health. I guess mostly I don't want to accept this job and then end up "stuck". I've applied to several hospital jobs, but haven't gotten any call backs as of yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Back in 1994 when I graduated from nursing school the job market looked a lot like it does now. I was forced out of sheer desperation to take the only position offered to me out of the 200 or so I applied for, and that was with an agency. I did pediatric home health and staff relief at a number of facilities. I continued to apply for every hospital job that came up and finally landed an interview 11 months after graduation. I started my first hospital position in an intermediate care nursery a year and a day after I graduated. Persistence and perseverance are important qualities in this game.