New grad Nurse frustrated... discouraged... I'm sure you've heard it before! :(

  1. I'm a new grad... and like many other people I've been applying like crazy.
    At my pre-grad placement (ER and the express unit)... I thought I made a really great impression, got contacts, met important people and etc. I became familiar with the hiring manager... she wrote my name down and etc.
    They opened a new medical floor and were hiring 8 new positions! I spoke to her... and she told me to apply.
    SO I applied... my preceptor told me I would most likely get it and really reassured me. I had a GREAT time at the placement... so I have no idea why I wasn't even considered for an interview? is it because I am not licensed yet?
    Seems stupid to me to hire ALL new nurses not familiar with the hospital let alone the floor... when I have already helped out up there.
    Everything is all politics and BS... they should really tell us all this before we go through 4 years of school.
    Why glamourize all these amazing jobs and opportunities when you almost have to sell your soul to get one...

    maybe it's just my luck... a lot of my friends have gotten interviews and even positions. hard to stay positive though
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  3. by   zorro_wrangler
    Hang in there, you will find an even better lead and when you least expect it.
  4. by   nurseypoo87
    hope so.
  5. by   netglow
    You are not alone. I don't know a soul who got hired in a facility they had clinicals at. Your friends very well might have connections (family, family close friends, political favors due them, etc). Most ngs don't get jobs because they have the makings of a good nurse. Being a good nurse is probably going to make you an undesireable candidate.
  6. by   ShantheRN
    I feel your pain I've only been looking for about two and a half months....and I'm already over the whole process. All those great contacts I thought I made during clinical and role transition have done me zero good so far. I'm giving it another month before I start looking out of state.
  7. by   ecarglem
    Hi nurseypoo87

    Its ok..don't lose hope. I understand how you feel because i've been there.
    i've been an RN for almost 3years already and my former job is way too far from being a nurse, luckily i got hired as a nurse after waiting and waiting and waiting.. this is to encourage and not to influence you to quit. if your open to other opportunities-try one while waiting for the right moment.
  8. by   dragonfly55
    don't get discouraged. You will land an interview and a job with perserverance. Years ago (and I do mean years ago) when then was actually an oversupply of nurses, it took me a few months before I got my first job.
    It will happen for you!

    Good luck!
  9. by   southernbelle08
    Don't give up!

    I see a lot of internal transfers go on at my facility simply because it is cheaper on the hospital to train a nurse that already has experience vs a nurse that has none. And I mean like experience as an RN...not clinicals, internships, etc. That is what I was told, at least. I can say on my floor I don't know of a single brand new grad that has been hired in the year and a half I have been there. Everyone my manager has hired has transferred internally or been hired but they have previous experience.

    So its not you and please don't get discouraged!
  10. by   butterfly3702
    I feel the same way I am also a new graduate. I passed my boards 2/7/2011 and I have been applying and nothing. I am moving to WA state in 3 weeks because my husband is in the military and I have been applying for 2 months and not even a call or interview. Im hoping that when I move up there things may get better.
  11. by   LotusRN1972
    I am a new grad, as well, and it IS hard out there. I even wrote a post for new grad jobs that were available in San Diego. WELL, I went to those jobs and EVEN SNF's LTNF's and Rehab centers want you to have a YEAR of experience!!! I am the single mother of 3 teens and am considering going back to school to become a Family Nurse Practicioner. I have tried EVERYTHING: from applying to the Marines, applying out of state, to contemplating eaving California. I have applied for sitting jobs and everything. I get frustrated when folks say, "It will get better?" Well, they have jobs and I can't wait, I need work now... Sorry , if I sound a bit cynical but after years of nursing school, it is just plain FRUSTRATING :spbox: