new grad given only 3 wks orientation

  1. I am kind of freaking out. I went to a great nursing school, and actually did clinicals where I now work, but its a whole new world actually being an RN. The floor, newborn nursery, is in a real state of chaos right now. A new nurse manager, lots of people leaving, short staffed etc.
    I sent an email to the interim nurse manager, expressing my concerns about the short orientaion, and saying I was not comfortable taking more than 6 babies, and she said that she would ensure that I would be given 6 or less for that week, and have the new clincial education coordinator meet with me. Well less than a week later I was given 8, and still have not heard from educator.
    I know I need to contact the nurse manager again, but I dont know what to say. I can't afford to quit, but I'm afraid that its unsafe.
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  3. by   mom2michael
    I was in the same boat and I ended up having to quit because my NM refused to listen to my pleas for help. The unit was short staffed and she shoved me into a situation I was not comfortable with. I didn't work with supportive co-workers, I worked with Satan's little helpers that got jollies watching me suffer through my shifts.

    I wish you all the luck - it's a tough boat to be in but your license, sanity and everything else is far more important.

    You have to be your best advocate in situations like this. Call your NM, email her, whatever it takes and get what you need and tell her you don't feel safe yet taking that many patients. Email and call the education person as well. Make sure you express your concerns until they are willing to listen or compromise with you.

    If they aren't willing - then you have to weight your options.

    Good luck!!!
  4. by   DarciaMoonz
    I agree with mom2michael, I would try to contact the NM again via any route possible until you get in touch with her/him and the same goes for the educator. If your not comfortable and you have expressed your concerns about taking on so much before your ready, than they should respect that, and personally I think it speaks very highly of you to say your not ready. You are trying to ensure that you are giving these babies the best care and that says alot about the type of nurse you strive to be. At the same time, if nothing changes, then weigh your options of staying or leaving and then go from there. Good luck to ya.