New grad, first week off orientation and assigned at student nurse - page 2

How does your facility handle this? I was kind of shocked when I saw I had a student with me my first week off orientation. I feel so fresh and new myself and still have not even done a variety of... Read More

  1. by   reveriies
    Yikes, that's crazy! I don't think that's fair for anyone. I am about 4 months off orientation and I just recently did two shifts of orienting our new nurses (no students for me since I'm night shift). But my main role was just to get them used to the computer system and how we documented things. And the only reason I was the one chosen to orient them was because I was the least newest person to the unit on those particular shifts. Heck, they were teaching me things, considering that each of them were nurses for far longer than I.

    But being a new grad actually teaching the basics of nursing to a student? That definitely would be too much. You're already trying to find your own way of doing things. I wouldn't have been able to do that and expect myself not to be overwhelmed. I think that would be something you might want to bring up to your charge nurse or manager in the future.
  2. by   sandyfeet
    I would be upset about that too. As new grads we are still figuring out time management and other skills. I'm in the ED so we have students come through, but they are just practicing skills like IV starts so it's easy to grab one and offer to supervise while they do it. In your situation I would have to speak up and say I was unable to have a student due to patient safety.
  3. by   CaptScrubs13
    AMOMO2 - I completely agree. From my clinical experiences, in most cases I did not expect the nurse to be actively teaching me something.. most of the time we were "on our own" doing VS, toileting, assessing etc. If we passed meds the clinical instructor and student would let the RN know, but CI & student passed together. In the beginning (first & second semesters) most treatments were done with CI. Of course there were times when we asked/consulted with/notified the nurse of things, but mostly it was them saying "hey I'm gonna hang blood, wanna watch?" and literally just watch what they did. Or, "I'm gonna pack the pt's wound, do you want to observe?" .. not necessarily step by step with the students helping.

    But, OP, I completely understand where you're coming from. In my final semester I did a preceptorship (me one on one with a nurse for 160 hours) .. a couple times we'd come in at 0700 and realize that a [sophomore] student had been assigned to our pt. We just pointed it out to the instructor and they switched, OR, just watched what we did and pretty much just took VS.