New grad, 1st RN job interview... TIPS???

  1. Hi everybody,

    I recently became a licensed RN and it was one of the happiest and proudest moments in my life. Yesterday, I received a call back from a large university teaching hospital for a Telemetry position, nights. While I am beyond happy and excited for the possibility in front of me, I'm also terrified and worried. Being a nurse is a huge responsibility and being new and inexperienced can be very intimidating. I know everyone has orientation and isn't expected to know everything there is to know the 1st day... but I'm still so worried now!!! I haven't even gotten the job (just an interview) and I'm worried! Lol

    Right now I'm working as a part time nursing assistant at a small, community hospital. I like it here because we all know each other and I like that. There are no job openings for RNs right now though. A coworker from the ICU is also a nurse manager of the ICU at the larger teaching hospital. He's helped me a lot to even get this interview.

    Just feels like everything is happening so fast!!! I'm sooo happy, but soooooo nervous now! Can anybody please give me some pointers??

    Thanks so much,

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  3. by   Jes24
    Hi!I actually just received my RN Aug 29th and I just received an ER position in the hospital I used to be an EMT for years. It was actually a blessing because like you, I know all the people, where everything is etc. I start in November and am also extremely nervous especially about now being an RN in front of all these people I know. It feels like more pressure. But at least I can say being in a familiar place takes pressure off knowing were all the supplies are, knowing the routine, knowing and feeling comfortable asking others q's, and knowing all the units and rooms in the hospital for transfer. This will allow me to really concentrate on being an RN and not having to worry about all the other nerve racking stuff that comes w being new. So if u don't get the job u interviewed ( I also interview for a job and was very sad I didn't get it) so this really was a blessing in disguise, u could also get an RN position at the facility ur currently at. If u do get the position, always ask for help when needed. It's better to seek help and be confident than make a mistake. Find that one person u can count on. I did an internship and they usually will place u w a good preceptor! Good luck!