Nervous about Work Tonight

  1. I am almost finished with my orientation and am taking a full load of patients now on my own. I am finding myself so nervous about going in to work lately. I cannot seem to stay caught up, I forget things all the time, and just do not feel comfortable at all. I know everyone says this will get better, but if I feel this way when I still have my preceptor with me, how will I feel when I am on my own?? I just hope I can sleep for a few hours before my shift tonight.....
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    You'll grow out of it! I still get nervous before work (I HATE admissions and I really don't like going to work not knowing if it will be a doable night or a trainwreck..but that is ANY nursing job), but it is WAY better than from when I first started! Remember, there should always be someone there to help and you're never on your own.
  4. by   squee-gee
    I came off orientation in November, and I remember that terrified feeling very well! However, as it turned out, it wasn't really all that different, because there was always someone there to advise and answer my many questions. As I went along, I tried to answer those questions myself instead of relying on my co-workers as much. If I was ever really unsure of something, I would first try to figure out the answer myself, but then clarify with my co-workers. I still ask questions when I need to - it's the best way to learn. Hopefully you will be working with staff that are sympathetic and willing to teach you - that is the real key to a successful transition. Good Luck!!
  5. by   starletRN
    I'm going off orientation in 2 weeks and am feeling the panic myself. I take a full patient load right now, but my preceptor helps me with new admits, discharges, new doctor's orders etc. and I'm off doing one of my myriad other duties.

    I run around busy until it's time to go home and usually stay 30 minutes longer to finish my charting. And that's with help! What am I going to do when it's just me?

    But it does help to come on here and see that I'm not alone in the way I'm feeling.
  6. by   AshiPanda
    You'll be fine! I only had four days orientation as a new nurse and I do fine on my own. You figure out things as you go, ask questions, and just do your best! There is always someone to ask, just approach them politely :P.