need ideas please

  1. I am getting closer to the end of my LPN program and I find it harder to keep studying and harder to wake up to go to class....i would think it would be the opposite.

    Anyone got some ideas to keep up with the motivation, keep on going and going?
    Thanks, jenna
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  3. by   pfister03
    i am in the same boat as you and really the thing that gets me going is just counting down the days until i am out and picturing graduation day.. i think the stress of finals doesnt help with the whole not wanting to get out of bed. Stress makes me tired and not want to study but the knolwedge base is there and we only have to take a few more tests and that is it. congrats on your success we are almost through!!! Just push yourself if you dont feel like studying go for a quick walk or work out and then sit down and make yourself but take breaks at least every hour..good luck with finals
  4. by   pinefarmgirl
    I just finished recently, and I really felt like that. I think what helped the most was having a good buddy in the same program, and she would do most of the driving. If I was late or didn't show, I would have been letting her down.
    How much longer do you have??
    I wish I had great words of wisdom, but I'm blank as to how to fix it. Maybe if you can figure out why? are you disappointed in your program, thought it would be more exciting or?? Disappointed in what you know about job prospects? Not sure this is what you really want?? Try asking yourself some questions about what is really behind it- Maybe just burnout...
    Whatever you do, DO NOT let yourself drop out because of it. If you are almost done, I think you would really regret not finishing. I know towards the end I felt like I didn't care anymore, but now that I'm done, I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment, and I am so glad I did not give up. I had never done anything this big before, and I did it during horrible times of stress- and I finished!!!!