Need Help and Feedback for Baker College Nursing Program

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to decide what to do with Baker, in Clinton Township.

    I am a current student and am finishing my prerequisite classes. I had met with the director
    and she seemed phenomenal.

    This is my dilemma however.

    Upon coming into Baker College there was an issue with financial aid, and it was
    communicated that if there were any issues I could drop the classes without any potential setbacks.
    Well that first semester there were problems with financial aid, and I dropped the classes. As well it was communicated that these classes were to be taken off my record. They did take one off, but not the other, and they are giving me hell to take it off, even though in the very beginning they said it would not hurt me. Well now come to find out it is dropping me by a point. As every point counts. I am trying to have it taken off so please let me know what you all think I should do!

    Thus I have finished my prequisites, and have only the Holistic Healthcare, and Nursing Pharmacology left to complete. After meeting with the Nursing Advisor she said that if I cannot take that one class off my record, the ability for me to get into the program is very slim, unless I can get the spring 2007 class removed from my transcript. As I had repeated a psychology as the first time was online, and horrible, but the second time I passed with a B. What is hurting me is the first class not being taken off, as it was communicated.

    My transcript is listed below

    The questions I need help with is after I finish the two prerequisites with a solid A will that boost my GPA significantly?

    Is a 3.7 whatever good enough to attend Baker's nursing program?

    Has anyone ever had success in having a class taken off a transcript at Baker? What should I do in my circumstance?

    Have other students been able to get into the nursing program at Clinton Township with this GPA?

    What did one need to score on the first NET test, and what is the maximum amount of points one can get if you receive a top score?

    Is it better for me to look at Davenports program?

    As well what have your experiences been at Baker? How did you like the nursing program? Where were your
    clinical site located at for Clinton Township?

    If you all could help me out I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you, as well please send me private messages if you need too!

    Thanks Everyone.

    • [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SPRING 2007[FONT=Bookman Old Style]SCI
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]101C HUMAN [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ANAT[FONT=Bookman Old Style] & PHYS I 5 W .0 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ATT ERN HNR PTS GPA HR GPA [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUR 0 0 .0 0 .00 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUM[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 0 0 .0 0 .00
    • [FONT=Bookman Old Style]FALL 2008
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ENG 101 COMPOSITION I 4 A- 14.8
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]MTH[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 111 INTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA 4 A 16.0
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]PSY 111 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 4 W .0
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SCI[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 101C HUMAN [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ANAT[FONT=Bookman Old Style] & PHYS I 5 B 15.0

    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ACADEMIC STANDING: DEAN'S LIST [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ATT ERN HNR PTS GPA HR GPA [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUR 13 13 45.8 13 3.52
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUM[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 13 13 45.8 13 3.52
    • [FONT=Bookman Old Style]WINTER
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]2009 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ENG 102 COMPOSITION II 4 A 16.0
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]INF[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 112 WORD PROCESSING 2 B 6.0
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]INF[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 121 INTRO TO WINDOWS 2 B+ 6.6
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]PSY 111 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 4 B 12.0
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SCI[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 102C HUMAN [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ANAT[FONT=Bookman Old Style] & PHYS II 5 A 20.0 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ACADEMIC STANDING: DEAN'S LIST [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ATT ERN HNR PTS GPA HR GPA [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUR 17 17 60.6 17 3.56 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUM[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 30 30 106.4 30 3.55
    • [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SPRING 2009
    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SCI[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 211 PATHOPHYSIOLOGY 4 A 16.0 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SCI[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 220A MICROBIOLOGY 5 A 20.0 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]SPK[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 201 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ORAL[FONT=Bookman Old Style] COMMUNICATION 4 A 16.0 [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ACADEMIC STANDING: [FONT=Bookman Old Style]PRESIDENT'S LIST [FONT=Bookman Old Style]ATT ERN HNR PTS GPA HR GPA [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUR 13 13 52.0 13 4.00
    • [FONT=Bookman Old Style]CUM[FONT=Bookman Old Style] 43 43 158.4 43
    • [FONT=Bookman Old Style]Current GPA 3.68
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