Need advice! 2yr CNL vs 3yr CNS/NP

  1. I posted this thread elsewhere already, but I want to get advice from different perspective.
    I was accepted to entry-level MSN program (for pre-nursing) at CSULB (Long Beach) and CSUDH (Dominguez Hills) and must decide where to go very soon, and I don't know which is the better choice.

    CSULB offers BSN & MSN with CNS in acute adult care with 3 yrs - 15 months of BSN (75 units) + 18 months of MSN (48 units). It also gives public health nursing certificate together with BSN and afterward CNS in adult acute.

    But CSUDH offers MSN in only 20 months (plus I have to take 2 courses during coming summer) - only 75 units. It is CNL option but I don't think there is certificate. Obviously it's going to be cheaper, both being Cal State University. Some classes are online, which I think will be convenient, but I don't know if that's going to count against the program.

    My dilemma is: is it better to study 2 yrs and get work experience plus save money meanwhile before going back to school to pursue APN? Or is it better to study 3 yrs straight and then try to find job?

    Problem with CSULB is that while it may be theoretically possible to work part time job after 2 years, it will be hard to find new grad program while studying full-time. I have no idea if it is even possible to find part time RN job without passing thru new grad program, which I imagine to be full time job. Study 3 yrs straight without working would be quite a financial strain.

    Any advice?

    Sorry for long post
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