NCSBN Review

  1. Has anyone taken this review course? Would it be worth the money if I took it? Would it help ANY? Thanks in advance
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  3. by   amblessing
    My employer paid for a subscription to this service and I found it extremely helpful because the questions are written by the people who actually write the NCLEX exam. The pluses are that the questions are broken down into categories (i.e. infection control, communication, pharmacology, etc.) and you can take tests for each particular area. My only complaint about it is that it only gives rationale why something is right rather than why something is wrong. Still, I felt that it was a good supplement. I also used Kaplan (#1 in my opinion) and Saunders which is also very good. I used Mosby's as well, but I didn't feel as though the questions were at the level of difficulty that they should have been, although I felt that Mosby's provided the best rationales, especially for the wrong answers - hope this helps you
  4. by   whinnymay
    my first time around, and to me it didn't compare to the Kaplan online course that I took @ my second attempt @ the NCLEX. The Kaplan helped my pass on my second try. Thanks and good luck to you.
  5. by   RN123456789
    Yes, it is definately worth the money! I used it to study before taking my test, and I just found out that I passed :hatparty: I am now a registered nurse, and it feels wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only costs $49 for three weeks, and is totally worth it.