lung and heart sounds, labs, ABG'S?

  1. A few years ago I visited a website that had free lung and heart sound, and I can't find it now. Some of the other nurses I work with are also interested. I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my ears! Every one just sounds clear, diminished, or "junky" to me. One of the respiratory therapists gave me a mini sound lesson but I am still not always sure what I am hearing. Is this person wet and in possible need of lasix, or just congested and in need of deep breathing and coughing or a flutter device. I hate to call a dr. in the middle of the night and say "I think I hear....." when somone is having some respiratory difficulty or decreasing sats. Would appreciate hearing form anyone who has some recources. Also, any good info or websites on labs? sometimes when labs come back I have no idea what they mean and if I should call the doc or just leave it till rounds. While I am at it ABG's also. It seems like in school they just pounded in resp. or met. and acid or alk, and I am still not sure what all that means when it comes to a clinical situation, and the more people I ask the more I think not many people have a good grasp on ABG's. I am wondering about Co2 retainers and how much 02 is to much with these pt's and acid/alk, and resp patterns in relation to ABG's (blowing of co2). A pt had some abg's come back bad and the resp therapist said that the ordered cpap would help blow of co2 and I don't really understand how. Sorry so long, the more questions I ask the more pop into my head. Much Thanks.
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  3. by   JentheRN05 - heart and lung sounds these are mostly related to the kidney but they should give you a good start - how to read and understand ABG's (click an answer on the right hand side, then it will give you an option how to understand it)

    Hope these help - they come from my collection of nursing school links
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    Thanks Jen! i recently sold my computer, wiped off all of my favorites, and forgot to store them somehwere. I thought I'd never see Auscultation Assistant again!
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    I found an excellent site for figuting out lab tests, what they are, how the test works, what they are looking for and what results mean. Check it out at

    Hope this helps.

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